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URRG 6: X-Holmes


This week we bring to you Sherlock Holmes and X Minus 1. You can find Carole Nelson Douglas here and a link to her books about Irene Adler. We hope you enjoy the show!

URRG 5: The Adventures of the Great Gilderman


UrrgieYay! We made it to episode 5 and hopefully they will be in order from here on out! In this week show we cover The Adventures of Superman and The Great Gildersleeve. We hope you enjoy the show!


URRG 3: Speed Whistler


UrrgieWelcome to episode 3 where we cover The Whistler episode “The Dead Man Laughed” and the first few episodes of Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police. We’d like to give Matthew a big thanks for our first iTunes review! We hope that you all enjoy our look at these two wonderful shows.

URRG 2: Our Miss Novak


UrrgieIt is true. We do not like to count in order! This was originally episode 2, but some of the files were missing. We have recreated the missing pieces and have made it available for our massive following! Yay! So sit back, relax and enjoy the following episode containing Pat Novak for Hire and Our Miss Brooks!

URRG 4: Lime Candy


We’ve been having some technical issues. This is our fourth podcast, but it’s only our second one posted. I’m sure we will get around to posting the others as soon as we get the bugs all worked out. In episode 4 we cover The Lives of Harry Lime “It’s in the Bag” and Candy Matson “Eric Spalding Concert”. Happy listening!

**corrections: The movie “The Third Man” came out in 1949. Not 1959 like stated in the podcast. To err is human – blah, blah. 😀

URRG 1: Tarzan’s Shadow


Welcome to our first episode. It’s a little rough, but hang in there- it will only improve! In this episode we cover The Shadow in Joey’s Christmas Story and Tarzan in A Congo Christmas. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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